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the problem
the solution

Each year in the UK there is 1 accident for every mile of road.

There is 1 death for every 137 road miles

There is only 1 safety camera for every 71 road miles.

Safescape knows all recorded accident locations and the severity of the accident.

Safescape will alert drivers to the danger before they reach the accident hotspot.

Drivers are more aware and prepared.

how it works

Trained on over 1 million data points, Safescape uses our proprietary AI machine learning algorithm to calculate a risk score for every accident location since 2009.

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news & publications

Press release Wednesday 15th May 2019

  • New app assesses the road ahead in real-time and warns drivers of potential accident hotspots.

  • Combines critical data from over 1.3 million accidents with a powerful AI machine-learning algorithm to calculate a risk score and provide appropriate audible and visual warnings.

  • Easy-to-use app available now on the iOS AppStore and Android Play Store.

  • Based on information from 1.3 million accidents over the past 10 years, the Safescape app knows the severity of every accident and its exact time and location.

Safescape overview

A presentation providing a detailed overview of what Safescape is and how it works.

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use our interactive map to find the danger near you

our mission

reduce road accidents

reduce road fatalities

alert road users

make driving safer

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